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  • Roy Oliver

Key Elements a good Landing Page?

What is a Landing Page?

Its a web-link, which either be a part of your own website (ideally) or in some cases, external, which one would create to track, analyze and be specific to lead-gen campaigns.

What are the key elements that make your landing page more productive?

The Headline

This should grab the attention and be relevant to the pain points of your audience, be crisp and follow that up with a persuasive sub-header.


A picture is worth 60000 words. Choosing the right image/s that fit with the proposition of your landing page, as well as the content, with the right color schemes is extremely essential to reduce drop rates.


The product/service you are offering should be concisely portrayed, preferably connecting it with the pain point/s of your target demographics, immediately followed by CTA and clear contact details. Most importantly remember its a landing page, not the part where you are necessarily closing the sale, its just the part of getting from awareness to consideration.

If you need a second opinion on your landing page, feel free to share it with me on LinkedIn