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  • Roy Oliver

Outsourced CMO, is that a fit for your Startup?

What is a CMO?

Beyond the Chief Marketing Officer, he/she is the lead on synchronizing your marketing efforts to fit with your business goals.

Why would you want to outsource a CMO and not have an onsite full time CMO?

  • The need to have a Professional with the Experience and competence, but not cost as much.

  • To continually Assess, and optimize the current marketing elements, processes and/or technology

  • To fill the Gaps in skills and capabilities

  • Need for industry and market expertise

  • Resource constraints within existing teams

  • Urgency to drive initiatives or deliver critical projects

  • Strategic development

  • Team leadership

  • Tactical management and oversight

  • Need to streamline operations and workflows

  • Test job requirements and long-term business needs

  • Reduce risk

  • Advise and consult with leadership

Primarily is it because, Startups, SMBs, high-growth, turnaround and transitioning businesses can lack the time and dollars required to invest in bringing aboard a full-time senior marketing executive.  Outsourcing the CMO function allows leaders to leverage high-level talent in smaller increments of time and budget, while still gaining qualified and capable expertise that can help accelerate strategic business plans.

When would you want to outsource a CMO?

  1. You have a strong tactical marketing team; however, you do not have a marketing person sitting at the table where company decisions are made about the vision, mission, strategy, tactics and growth plans for the next 3-5 years.

  2. You lack a marketing strategy or plan.

  3. You desperately need a sustainable marketing engine that can deliver predictable results.

  4. You spend money on marketing, though you see little ROI or do not have the capabilities to track budgets, measure performance or forecast results.

  5. You need better competitive analysis and market research to know if you are talking to the right people and delivering the right products and services.

  6. You need a comprehensive assessment of marketing tactics, team members and capabilities to ensure you are built for long-term success.

  7. You know digital transformation can greatly improve your business, yet you lack the expertise that can represent marketing’s role in that process.

  8. You want to implement advanced tactics or implement marketing technologies to help the organization best utilize their data and assets to improve the customer experience.

  9. You need an expert that can help you improve brand loyalty, reduce churn and supports the business development team to achieve their growth targets.

  10. You are dissatisfied with results of marketing and the impact on revenue and know that you are missing out on existing market opportunities.

Simply put, an outsourced CMO, is the professional who isnt necessarily your 9-9 at the office lead, but has the option to be there when strategic in person meeting are needed.

If you resonate with the above and see your startup needing an outsourced CMO, feel free to call me on +919892225105 to discuss possibilities and/or connect with me on LinkedIn